The Long Road through History of Balkan

Dugo putovanje kroz historiju, istoriju i povijest

Genre: Documentary film
Country: Serbia
Year: 2010
Format: Beta SP color

Director: Željko Mirković
Scenario: Dušan Gajić, Željko Mirković
Photography: Miodrag Trajković
Editor: Pavle Nikić


Two writers, Miljenko Jergovic from Croatia and Marko Vidojkovic from Serbia, share the driving in a Yugo, the ultimate symbol of their common past, and drive it from one end to the other of the road once known as the "Highway of Brotherhood and Unity".

It is a journey through the past, present and future…from Slovenia to Macedonia, via Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Our two drivers aim to look at their common past, find out how history has set them apart, ask where the present is leading them - and have a lot of fun while they are about it. As the Yugo dodges lorries, fast cars and queues at endless border controls Miljenko and Marko take a wry look at the state of the Balkans.



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