Cinema Now!

Within the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme co-financed by the EU, Cinema City festival collaborated with the Department of Visual Culture and Literary Theory of the University of Szeged on realizing Cinema Contact project.

The aim of Cinema Contact project is promoting cultural exchange and understanding between people from border regions, through film as a popular and effective type of media. With the intention of presenting young domestic film professionals, one of the goals of the project is developing databases of young domestic authors – Cinema Now and domestic films produced from 2008 to date.
CINEMA NOW is envisioned as a programme created for young, talented and successful film artists.

CINEMA NOW is presented by some of our most promising directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, sound designers and producers.

By presenting their work, aspirations and achievements, CINEMA NOW will also bring us insight into the state of the modern Serbian film and its future direction.

During the festival Cinema Now provides enough room for meetings, introductions, exchange of contacts and developing cooperation between film authors, representatives of other film festivals and institutions, different generations and countries. It will also contain the educational feature, organizing workshops, master classes and discussions.

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